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Resting the banks of one of the Yangtze River estuaries, the bustling city of Shanghai, which was once a playground for budding tycoons and wealthy merchants seeking their fortune, still has a whiff of opportunism and decadence, which is starkly evident in city’s booming modernisation.

While Nanjing Lu’s flashy malls and the cloud-piercing skyscrapers of Pudong show where China is swiftly headed, the city’s multicultural spirit endows it with a certain glamor.

Here, one finds the perfect blend of cultures, modern and traditional, western, and oriental. Ancient Shikumen merges with gleaming skyscrapers on the skyline of the city, while age-old Chinese traditions intertwine with modern, westernised customs to form the city’s unique and compelling culture, making any visit truly memorable.

Things to do in Shanghai

As the first rays of sunlight begin to illuminate the city, locals greet the day with tai chi against a shimmering backdrop of sunlight bouncing off Pudong’s glass-encased skyscrapers across the Huangpu River.

This incredible city boasts a wealth of experiences, from world-class shopping to superlative museums, showcasing Shanghai’s incredible history.

For world-class shopping, Shanghai will not disappoint.

After a million-dollar restoration, the Bund has become Shanghai’s Champs-Élysées and Fifth Avenue, boasting an unrivalled array of luxury boutiques, designer emporiums, and award-winning restaurants.

Nanjing Lu is home to a glitzy three-mile strip where upscale boutiques share space with traditional jade and silk shops. Escape the constant pull of the shopping districts with a quiet stroll along the French Concession’s beautiful tree-lined avenues where you’ll find elegant antique stores, designer brands, and Paris-worthy cafés.

Dining and entertainment

“Blessed are those born in Shanghai as they have the most chances to taste delicious food”, as the locals aptly put it and rightly so.

Blending a choice of the most appealing aspects of a variety of cuisine, local chefs adopt the best aspects of foreign cuisines and give them a personal twist. Savour exotic pan-Asian cuisine and freshly caught seafood in the beautiful bistros of the French Concession, or for unrefined glamor at its best, take a silverware-laden table at M on the Bund and soak up the spectacular views of Pudong’s illuminated skyscrapers as you sip a rich French Bordeaux.

As the sun dips below the horizon and Pudong’s futuristic skyline lights up, Shanghai’s festive and vibrant nightlife comes alive. Sip decadent cocktails in the French Concession’s 1920s villas as you mingle with stylish locals and ex-pats or dance into the early hours of the morning to Big-name DJs and live music in the crowded hub of Xintiandi.