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DiNuzzo, an industry veteran, shares valuable insight with readers to help them plan for retirement

DiNuzzo Wealth Management is pleased to announce that P.J. DiNuzzo, CPA, PFS™, AIF®, MBA, MSTx, founder and president of the company, has published, “The Seven Keys to Investing Success.” With more than 30 years of experience in the industry helping people navigate their way through retirement planning, DiNuzzo shares coveted information to help readers take the stress out of financially preparing for their golden years. The book was published on Aug. 25 and has already been featured on Amazon’s Best Seller list in the categories of Financial Engineering, Investing Portfolio Management and Financial Risk Management. It is also ranked as a Best Seller within the Kindle Store.

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The Seven Keys to Investing Success by P.J. DiNuzzo (Photo: Business Wire)

DiNuzzo, whose firm specializes in pre-retirement planning for individuals and couples, recognized the need to provide transparent and easy-to-understand resources to readers, regardless of their financial situation. DiNuzzo’s father served as an inspiration as well, as the author witnessed first hand throughout his childhood how misguided financial decisions led to his father’s increased stress, which also had negative health implications.

“There are so many steps involved in retirement planning and there’s been a large gap in the market for years that has left many investors in the dark,” says DiNuzzo. “I wanted to provide investors at any stage with a resource to help them in their retirement planning journey. An investor only plans for retirement once, but by reading my book they’re gaining access to someone who has helped thousands of people successfully make this transition later in life.”

Throughout the book, readers will be given insight into the importance of managing emotions and laying out a thoughtful retirement plan, as well as tips for building their investment portfolio “war chest,” which DiNuzzo explains will help amplify their long-term financial success.

“Many people view investments and personal finance through a microscope when they should actually be looked at through a telescope,” he adds.

To ensure a successful financial future, individuals need to create a plan that is specific to their needs, stick to that plan and not allow changes in the market or news headlines to distract them from their goals. Throughout the book, readers will learn how to curate their own financial plan and become empowered to avoid costly mistakes.

“The Seven Keys to Investing Success” is available for purchase on Amazon.

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