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This was my first ever blockchain summit event, held in Dubai on November 14th & 15th, which pitched itself as a

” Day of informative from the blockchain believers. “

I really have to admit that it was very much lived up to this claim. 

The event was relaxed and gave me an informal vibe as both the attendees and the speaker were really open with all their thoughts and ideas. I got the opportunity to meet many new and amazing people who were deeply rooted in the blockchain and crypto space. I can able to witness that some were very excited about the space while some were delusional about their projects. I really appreciated dubaiexpo2020 for organizing the event and bringing everyone together under one roof for such an epic event. 

That being said, each and every speaker kicked off their presentation. I loved the way they projected their project, totally needed for the improvement of technology. Also, I had some time wandering around stalls and booths, and I witnessed some of the legit projects represented there. I think the biggest benefit of the entire event was knowing and connecting with all the crypto and blockchain titans. I’m glad I went, and to everybody I met, you guys were rocking!

Overall, The Blockchain Economy Expo Was Badass! 

Highlights from the event:

1️⃣ Michael Saylor:

Michael Saylor the chairperson & CEO of Microstrategy presented about 

how bitcoin can change the world and make the world a more decentralized place, free of any government-caused inflation. 

I personally liked this statement “different cryptocurrencies serve different purposes, but it might take time for newcomers to the digital asset space to recognize those distinctions” and after his virtual presentation I felt this man is a pure genius.

2️⃣ Vishakha Singh:

Vishakha Singh is a crypto enthusiast, an actor, film producer, and creator, who understands the sentimental value of art and the artist’s passion.

She presented NFT and what it is and how it will be used in the metaverse. Also, she described that NFTs create a paradigm shift by creating an ‘Internet of Assets’. So this will be another reason why the blockchain and crypto-asset ecosystem should be encouraged in India, with suitable guardrails.

3️⃣ Sandeep Nailwal:

Sandeep Nailwal, one of the co-founders of Polygon, explained in detail about their project and how it solves the problem of high fees and slow transactions on ethereum. 

He explained that In proof of work, computers have to solve complex mathematical problems. Where users need huge complex computers and can be environment-unfriendly due to electricity consumption. But polygon that uses proof of stake, solves the problem in the PoW. Users don’t need a massive computing power. Only a few machines need to run for mining here, making electricity consumption less. 

Finally, he concluded that Ethereum will be the upcoming revolution.

4️⃣ Hamid R Fathalian:

Hamid, the CEO of Landrockerz explained about their game-changing products. They are the first to introduce the play and earn features in their games.

His product LandRocker is a play-to-earn online multiplayer game based on blockchain technology. In the game, players can engage in fierce PvP battles, nail-biting vehicle races, and most exciting of all – crypto-mining! He also explained that players can convert their unique game assets into NFTs, which I think is a key for a winning project. 

5️⃣ Janis Balodis:

Janis Balodis a serial entrepreneur, expert, and marketer. Janis has over 35 years of experience in large companies as a business consultant and project manager. He explained about his project Dexiswap. His exchange is built on the competent use of liquidity pools.  

He also said that the speed of exchange operations with cryptocurrencies protects users from the most critical problems of exchanges. I think this project can be a profitable one for both holders and users of the exchange.

As stated earlier, overall the event was totally informative and was a hub for technology enlightenment. This Blockchain Economy Expo created a pathway for all the blockchain projects to step forward in the process of incentivizing upcoming blockchain startups, which helped them to showcase their project and simultaneously created a chance to pitch their business plan to the investors present at the event.

I hope that next time if I am attending the expo I would present our most prominent project by representing Nextazy Solutions