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Ashland County Board of Elections officials recount the Sullivan township full-term election results Tuesday.

ASHLAND – The certified victors of the Ashland County General Election stayed in power after the Ashland County Board of Elections recounted two races Tuesday afternoon.

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Two races, Perrysville Village council and Sullivan Township full-term trustees, were recounted due to some voting results falling in the .5% margin of error, resulting in two additional votes counted for Perrysville Village council write-in candidate Randall Stroh while Sullivan’s results stayed the same. After the recount, Stroh received 13 votes total instead of the original 11, according to the Ashland County Board of Elections recount results.

After board members were finished recounting Perrysville Village council ballots, chair of the board Andrew Keller revealed that two ballots had Stroh’s name written in the write-in candidate slot but the votes weren’t originally counted due to the write-in ovals not being fully penciled in on the paper ballots.

After the recount for Perrysville, four village candidates: Steve Goines, David Artrip, Jr., William D. Herman, Jr. and Bob Zakutni won the race among the nine candidates. Goines received 61 votes (12.9%,) Zakutni received 58 votes (12.26%,) Artrip received 70 votes (14.8%) and Herman received 90 votes (19.03%.)

Sullivan results stay the same after recount

For Sullivan, candidates Tab Bloom and Glen Goff Sr. fell in the recount margin with Bloom remaining victorious after the recount. Bloom received 186 votes (20.31%) and Goff received 185 votes (20.2%) for the second and final seat that was up for the election. Ermal Alexander received 221 votes (24.13%,) the most out of all the seven candidates in the race. Resulting in Bloom and Alexander winning the race.

Ashland County Board of Elections employees recount election results Tuesday afternoon.

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