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There is no denying that an utterly technological world is fast approaching, and it’s essential for Jamaica to participate altogether. Technology will be an even more integral part of society in this new era, especially the economy, and Jamaicans must be ready to take part.

This notion was shared by Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, Member of Parliament for St Andrew North Western, at the Huawei handing-over ceremony at Pembroke Hall High School last Thursday. “Digital engagement through digital means is an important part of the world as we know it,” he stated.

The Huawei Jamaica team presented an IdeaHub interactive whiteboard to Pembroke Hall High School, the second donation to a school, the first being Lennon High School in Clarendon.

Education Minister Faval Williams joined Dr Clarke and members of the Pembroke Hall High School community for the presentation.

All speakers emphasised the importance of investment in human capital, starting with the younger generation. “I say thank you, with all my heart, from the staff and students of the Pembroke Hall High School. This gift demonstrates that there is faith and belief in what we are doing here at this institution, and I can guarantee you that this gift will be cared for. It will be used, and the students and the children of Jamaica will be that much better because of this gift,” said Claude Ellis, principal of the high school.

Vice-Principal, Human Resources and Operations Devon Ince already received training in making the best use of the board. Teachers will train to become experts in use of the technology to teach their grades 11, 12, and 13 and maths students in electronic document preparation and management (EDPM), information technology (IT), and data operations. Smartboards such as the IdeaHub are used in classrooms worldwide, and adds another dimension to the Jamaican classroom.

“We’re doing this because we recognise that we’re living in an age of accelerated technology to not only give devices to our students, but to also ensure that schools across Jamaica have adequate connectivity. These devices can work when the students are here, but also so that it accommodates [the] blended learning environment that we are in,” Williams said.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to contribute to the local economy, especially as it relates to education, given all the challenges we have faced during this pandemic,” said Courtney Hamilton, director of enterprise business group at Huawei.

The IdeaHub interactive whiteboard is a digital board that transforms an environment into a digital space, a perfect tool to engage students in learning while preparing them for the world that is to come.