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The Mahindra and Mahindra boss showered some much-needed motivation on the Internet to drive away the blues. Anand Mahindra compared the Indian economy to an elephant climbing a wooden fence to help his fans kick start the week on a power packed inspiring note.

Ironically, Mahindra’s comment came hours before the market saw its biggest crash in seven months on November 22. Benchmark stock market indices fell on Monday with investors losing as much as Rs 7 lakh crore in equity wealth.

The businessman took to his official Twitter handle where he shared a motivational video of an elephant struggling to cross over a wooden fence. The giant animal fails multiple times before eventually climbing over and making it through. The business tycoon compared India’s economy to the elephant’s never-giving-up spirit and his inevitable victory.

“The Indian economy is often referred to as an Elephant. More recently it was termed a Tiger as its growth sped up. Well, even if it’s an Elephant, this shows that you should never count us out; we always find a way-no matter how awkward-to get over hurdles in our way!” the 66-year-old wrote on his Twitter account with over 8.5 million followers. Mahindra added the hashtag Monday along with his video tweet.

The tweet went viral and garnered over 13.1K likes on the micro-blogging site with Mahindra’s fans praising the businessman’s outlook.

“I always believe that when elephant starts, it shakes the whole area with it. Similarly when India will start showing its capabilities it will shake whole earth, we just have to wait,” one person replied to Mahindra’s tweet.

While another called the Mahindra and Mahindra chairman’s description “beautiful”.

“Beautiful way to describe Indians as well as Indian economy. The one who has count us out in any sector has always fail miserably,” the user wrote.