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Americans are increasingly concerned over the economy and poor government leadership and are less concerned with the coronavirus, according to a poll released Monday.

A new Gallup poll taken November 1-16 shows 10 per cent of respondents feel ‘the economy in general’ is the biggest issue facing the nation – another 7 per cent said they are most worried about ‘inflation’. Those numbers are up from 6 per cent and 1 per cent, respectively.

Unemployment concerns are at 5 per cent this month, which is up from 4 per cent in both the September and October polls.

The new worries come as inflation spikes, worker shortages continue and supply chain delays persist going into the holiday season. 

The poll also shows that Republicans are much more concerned with inflation than Democrats – by an 11 per cent to 1 per cent margin.

A new poll shows that Americans’ biggest concern is ‘poor leadership’ and the ‘economy’ and ‘inflation’, while worries over the coronavirus are slipping

Survey results were released Monday after reports emerged this month of tensions and turmoil within the administration and, specifically, between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Surprisingly – this is the issue voters are most concerned with overall during the last three months.

More than twice the amount of Americans name the government as their top issue over ‘the economy in general with 21 per cent saying that’s their top priority in November.

In both September and October, 19 per cent said the same.

Results are among 815 adults surveyed by phone who were asked the open-ended question: ‘What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?’ 

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Worry over the coronavirus pandemic is decreasing, as evident by the poll. 

Inflation is at its highest in 30 years

Only 13 per cent of those surveyed feel COVID-19 is the ‘most important’ problem facing the country. That’s down eight points from the same poll taken in September that showed 21 per cent of respondents were most concerned about the pandemic response.

During a COVID-19 surge in August, 26 per cent of respondents felt the pandemic was the biggest concern facing the U.S. – and in the early stages of the outbreak in April 2020, 45 per cent of people felt it was the top issue.

In the latest survey from Gallup, 9 per cent were most concerned with immigration, 6 per cent felt unifying the country was most important and race relations and racism came in at 5 per cent.