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Mike Lindell interviewing Donald Trump for a three-day ‘marathon’ broadcast during Thanksgiving weekend (Screengrab/

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell hopes to “overturn” the 2020 US presidential election result with the broadcast of his exclusive interview with Donald Trump over the Thanksgiving weekend.

He released a teaser for the three-day, “marathon broadcast” this week. It showed Mr Lindell comparing Joe Biden’s 4 November 2020 victory and the days after that to “living in the Twilight zone” as the former president, clad in an ill-fitted tuxedo, listened.

“What we want is a strong military, great education for our children, a nice house to live in, you know it is so basic and they fight us. It’s very sad,” Mr Trump said in the teaser.

Mr Lindell responded: “You go back to November 4 and we all lived this Twilight Zone… There’s an old saying, you know, if a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it really fall? Well, then the media tells us there is no forest. We were all living in this Twilight Zone and you were living there with us, but then you had all the betrayals and attacks on you that escalated to a whole other level.”

Mr Lindell has been one of the leading voices to propagate conspiracy theories that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. He has produced documentaries, hosted rallies and even has a devoted social media platform to further these claims.

Mr Lindell had previously predicted that the Supreme Court would overturn the election in August but when that did not materialise he said it would happen in September or October. He has now claimed that it will happen in November.

His 96-hour long broadcast will coincide with his filing of a lawsuit that he claims will “pull down” the 2020 election in Supreme Court as it would be so compelling.

The show will begin from midnight of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and run through midnight on Sunday. It will coincide with the Black Friday weekend, which is the biggest showing period for the holiday season. But the businessman has said that the show will not promote his MyPillow line of products.

Despite his claims, the teaser has not impressed many social media users.

“The interview will be a flop. It will be made fun of on national tv and every social media. Trump will blame Lindell for the awful questions/rambling/editing/energy of the thing and publicly throw one of his loudest allies under the bus,” a Twitter user predicted.

Another said: “Would these 53 seconds create a desire to watch in most people??? Awkward and boring…”

Mr Lindell had first announced his show last month while talking to right-wing host Steve Bannon.

“I cannot wait to drop this Supreme Court case the Tuesday at 9am before Thanksgiving and the whole world is going to be watching all this unfold over Thanksgiving,” he had said.

“And you’re going to be sitting around the table — this is very important to our country and the world — everyone can be sitting around the table and going, ‘Hey, what do you think of that? You think the Supreme Court is going to accept it and protect our country like they’re supposed to?’” he added.

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