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DALLAS, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rable, the social investment trading app, launches a new way for users to practice their investments strategies and compete against fellow Rablers through a major update to the platform called “Challenges,” where users trade securities in real markets utilizing real-time data—all without using real money. The top users who emerge with the highest profits are awarded in-app currency that would be redeemable for your first deposit to a real brokerage account or other rewards in the future.

In mid 2019, Rable began developing an interactive platform that made it easy for anyone to start learning about investing with their community and refine their real-world trading skills by practicing making bets on stocks, cryptocurrencies and other tradable securities. “When I first started investing, I was losing money, but I like that on Rable others also shared they were losing money too so I knew I wasn’t alone,” said Jessica [Rable user].

Rable’s technology removes the learning curve on many brokerage platforms that include complex jargons, charts, and analytics by providing educational tips to teach investment mechanics. The app’s proprietary analysis of securities and portfolios enables beginner investors to make educated buy and sell decisions.

The app provides a unique level of transparency into trading activities and portfolios of people in the community so that vast financial knowledge is accessible. Tushar [Rable user] noted, “I like the sheer exposure I get from Rable. I would see companies I wasn’t even considering. I have a better way of sharing tickers with friends and having discussions about it.” The full compatibility with all brokerage institutions allows users to share their real portfolios with the community.

“You don’t need an economics degree, a finance degree, an accounting degree or any other business degrees to invest. All it takes is a connection to a safe community that gives you step by step guidance”, said Rable co-founder Edward Adjei.

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