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Green investments benefit the environment as well as society and the economy after the pandemic. At least these are the conclusions of the Roadmap to Green Recovery report by scientists from the University of Oxford and the Vivid Economics think tank, who checked how best to rebuild the economies of China, India, and Poland after the pandemic. They chose these countries because they are still heavily dependent on coal.

“Our research shows that public investment in green initiatives can bring big economic returns. If well targeted, it can also address social inequalities,” Brian O’Callaghan, research director and director of the Economic Recovery Project at the University of Oxford, said.

For example, Polish funds from the Just Transition Fund could bring in 46,000 jobs in Poland and reduce CO2 emissions by two megatons. It is only necessary to release them optimally. The data show that a focus on afforestation and energy efficiency would bring the most economic and environmental benefits. Both measures require a large increase in employment.