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Re “Smith & Wesson moving headquarters out of Mass.: Cites proposed gun laws for shift; legislators point to cheaper labor in Tenn.” (Page A1, Oct. 1): I was not surprised to learn that Smith & Wesson was leaving Massachusetts for Tennessee. It seemed only a matter of time before the firm followed other gun companies south chasing the gun culture for acceptance.

While the loss of jobs at the company’s headquarters in Springfield are unfortunate and painful, Smith & Wesson represents the tired old economy Massachusetts left behind (akin to North Carolina having tied its future to tobacco and Kentucky to coal).


Massachusetts today represents the best of what a 21st-century world-class economy looks like. It has a highly diversified, knowledge-based economy leading the world in biotechnology, software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and clean energy, as well as education, financial services, health care, and specialized high-tech manufacturing.

Massachusetts is building for a better future, not looking backward and capitalizing on death and heartache. I agree with John Rosenthal, of the group Stop Handgun Violence, who says, “Good riddance.”

Dave Partyka