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  • Rudy Giuliani advised outright lying to Trump on election night 2020, according to a new book.
  • An excerpt from “I Alone Can Fix It” about Trump’s last year in office was published Tuesday.
  • Giuliani wanted to tell Trump he had won several states before it was possible to tell, it said.

Rudy Giuliani urged those around President Donald Trump on election night 2020 to tell the president he had won states he had not, according to a new book. 

The claim came in an excerpt of “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year” by  Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker of The Washington Post.

The excerpt was published Tuesday by The Post. It follows numerous Trumpworld figures on the night of the 2020 election, including Giuliani.

It says the former New York mayor urged Trump aides to tell him he’d won states long before they were possible to call. He gave the advice for Pennsylvania and Michigan, it says, which ultimately were called for Joe Biden.

Lennig and Rucker wrote that Giuliani had his own “war room” set up in the White House’s Red Room, separate to the two others Trump had arranged.

As results came in, he began to “cause a commotion,” trying to get into the private quarters where Trump was, they said. 

It recounts campaign manager Bill Stepien, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and senior campaign manager Jason Miller taking Giuliani aside as others speculated that he had been drinking too much.

Giuliani, the book says, went through the projections state by state, asking the three what was happening. “What’s happening in Michigan?” he is reported to have asked.

When Stepien, Meadows and Miller told him each time that it was too early to say, Giuliani is quoted as saying: “Just say we won.”

He gave the same advice for Pennsylvania, the book said, and kept going “state after state,” though the excerpt did not specify which.

Early results gave Trump a lead in Pennsylvania, which evaporated over time as later returns favored Biden. Many networks, including Insider, called the entire election for Biden once they were confident that Trump had no way of regaining his lead in that Pennsylvania.

Giuliani’s predictions of victory were “based on nothing,” the book said. 

According to the excerpt, Meadows said: “We can’t do that.”

In the end, Trump did not need convincing of the falsehood anyway. He had long trailed the false idea that his victory was inevitable unless election fraud was involved — a notion that he had spent months sowing.

He brought it up again on election night, after Fox News called Arizona for Biden. An apoplectic Trump announced that the election was being stolen from him, famously saying: “Frankly, we did win this election.”

Giuliani did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.