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Much has already been said on how the Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives. Yet, an opportunity also exists for those countries that are willing to embrace the importance of IT and the digital revolution which moves closer every day.

The Maltese Government has recently approved Malta’s €320m EU pandemic recovery plan, which was negotiated by the Prime Minister Robert Abela with Malta’s best interests at heart. This plan seeks to lay the foundations of a forward-looking Malta from which we can embrace the new opportunities that a post-Covid landscape can offer.


26% of the total funds from this recovery plan, which add up to more than €83m, will be allocated to diverse projects in the digital sector. These funds will be used to prepare and sustain a positive future for our younger generation but also aid in creating a better environment to help Maltese and Gozitan families and the older generation.

I have always been a firm believer in the importance of digital education, knowing the opportunities that the digital sector can provide, especially to our kids and teenagers. During these past years, a Labour Government has already worked hard and tirelessly to invest in the Information Technology sector by introducing new digital tools and courses at the University of Malta and MCAST focused specifically on robotics, artificial intelligence, coding and much more.

This investment will be of a huge benefit to the young people of today who will be ready and able skilled for the opportunities which will come to our island, ensuring that the high-paid jobs are given to our children first. I must encourage those youngsters who are showing an interest in the digital sector to take this opportunity seriously because the work you are doing today will serve you very well in the future.

Each child should have the opportunity to succeed in life by providing fair and equal opportunities to all. No one should be left behind and we must acknowledge that this sector is able to provide enough opportunities for all those who wish to work in the digital field if we invest and take it seriously today.

A digital Malta can also offer opportunities to Maltese businesses that are seeking to diversify and prepare themselves for the future. During the pandemic, our businesses have shown how resilient they are, but it is no secret that clients are today looking for more online options and solutions. By addressing the E-skills gaps that business may have at the present, we are ensuring that there are job opportunities for all.

No one should ever give up because we have a duty to upskill and reskill our workforce. While certain jobs, which were popular in the past, may be in the decline today, new sectors have emerged such as gaming and other digital opportunities. A Maltese economy, which embraces both sectors, those that are doing well today and sectors which are still on the increase, will ensure that the Maltese economy is vibrant and successful for the years to come.

One of the main reasons in involving myself in politics is due to the sincere belief I have in the potential of the citizens of Malta and Gozo. As a government, it is our duty to continue investing in the best resource that this country has – its people. Only by keeping up this investment, will we make sure that government’s main priority, our people, will remain at the core of the success that is to come.


Ray Abela is a PL candidate for the 1st and 3rd District

email: [email protected]