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New Delhi [India], July 9 (ANI/SRV Media): Retention of certain risks and transferring rest to the writer is the basic fundamental of option buying. But most Indian option buyers do not understand the risk in option.

Lack of knowledge in options, push buyers to losses in intraday trading. To understand the same, a trader always needs to buy such a premium option that has the least time value and high intrinsic value.

There is a tool for time value calculator on the Investing Daddy website that will help you understand the basics of buying options. Buying an option is like a game of ‘KABADDI’ where the buyer is a raider and writers are defenders. Just like for a Kabaddi raider, every microsecond is very important, an option buyer also should always keep sharp eye on time value.

Nowadays most of the YouTubers & trainers in India are business-minded and they are working for fees. On the name of the option chain, they teach indicators like moving average, Bollinger bands RSI, etc. But most of the trainers can not explain without the help of indicators. Most of the fraud stock tippers are charging high fees without any regulatory registration & they trap the trader in their lucrative offers of return. Here due to lack of knowledge, the trader also doesn’t understand the risk.

Investing Daddy’s motive is to convert every trader into an ‘Atmnirbhar Trader’. Till now more than 2000 traders are trading on INVESTING DADDY OPTION CHAIN STRATEGY. This has been a boon for the traders who have been losing into the market for many years.

Investing Daddy invented its Extention and immediate support and resistance calculator which gives accurate results and challenges tools like FIBONACCI. All these tools are free for public use on the Investing Daddy website. The company has introduced many new terms in the option chain like Imaginary Lines, Extention of Support and Resistance, Diversion in Option & End of Diversion in Option Chain, etc. Investing Daddy works in Option Intraday buying, Option Intraday and positional writing, Equity & Future Intraday, and positional trading without the use of any chart, any indicator, or any historical data. All the data used is current market data.

Vinay Prakash, the founder of Investing Daddy says, “Stock Market is a puzzle and, every trader has to solve the puzzle daily. Every day there is a new challenge. Whoever has 3Ps- PASSION PATIENCE & PRACTICE can solve the puzzle and enjoy trading as a full-time trader like many community members.”

Patience is the ornament of a trader. A trader who wants to make a profit in option buying has to follow a certain blueprint which is part of the strategy. Buying of a call option or writing of a put option should always be performed at the extension of support and in the case of buying a put option or writing a call option should be performed from the extension of resistance only.

For option buyers, diversions are the best place to square off the trades and book profits. For equity and future positional buyers and option writers, the end of diversion is the best place to average the position. Resistances/Support is the best place to square off the trade. All these can be calculated by the same LTP calculator invented by Investing Daddy.

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