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Alabama economy growing closer to pre-pandemic level
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Economists are trying to determine whether economic growth  will continue in the state. 

Their focus is on the fourth quarter of the year.

Economists say Alabama’s economy is on good footing. 

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The only industries that may see a slow down will be those with lingering supply chain issues.

“You know, they may be getting their raw material or something from some countries where there are more restrictions due to COVID,” Ahmad Ijaz, Economists for the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Alabama said. “So you know, that may have some impact on those businesses.”

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Caption: Alabama economy growing closer to pre-pandemic level

Overall, the state’s economy is expected to continue growing over the next six months.

“There’s more businesses being open, more people are getting vaccinated,” Ijaz explained. “So you know, the economy is getting back, slowly, but it’s getting back to its pre-pandemic level.”

That’s good news for businesses hopeful for a strong fourth quarter.

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“It’s a big deal for us to finish out and sell all of our fall goods at that time,” Michael Gee, owner of the Pants Store in Leeds said.

Economists say by the fourth quarter, Alabama will likely be entering an expansion mode.

This economic growth is likely to last through the first half of next year.

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