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How can President Joe Biden be expected to negotiate a bipartisan agreement on any policy when there are so many Republican officials who won’t even accept that he won the 2020 election?

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This was a question asked on the set of Morning Joe on the six-month anniversary of the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters, as the MSNBC morning josh took a sober assessment of the current political climate. Joe Scarborough blasted the Republican officials — and voters — who are willfully misleading themselves over the results of the 2020 general election.

The segment opened with footage from The New York Times’ video feature “Day of Rage” which launched the discussion of January 6th. AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire put the “stolen election” conspiracy in stark terms regarding Biden’s agenda, asking “How do you work with Republicans when so many don’t believe you should be president?”

Mika Brzezinksi followed by a recent Washington Post report that hundreds of GOP candidates lining up for 2022’s midterm elections are endorsing as central messaging for their campaigns that former President Trump really won the presidential election.

“Of the nearly 700 Republicans who have filed initial paperwork with the federal election commission to run next year for either the U.S. Senate or the house of representatives, at least a third have embraced trump’s false claims about his defeat,” Brzezinksi cited the article. “Of those Republicans, more than 130 are sitting lawmakers who voted not to certify president Biden’s election win on January 6th.”

“I don’t believe they’re stupid enough to believe the big lie but they are using it,” Scarborough replied. “It’s a conspiracy theory born out of the belief that if my candidate doesn’t win that I don’t recognize the candidate. That’s not democracy, that’s what we see in tyrannical governments.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson continued the theme by criticizing “these anti-democracy candidates who believe they’re speaking to anti-democracy constituents.” He continued to explain the phenomenon of GOP candidates supporting the stolen election conspiracy by saying “They believe that’s what their party’s base wants and it raises the question, how do you do politics as we know it, do elections as we know them when one of our two major parties is — believes — totally believes the big lie and it’s not just cynical leadership and cynical elected officials, but there is a ready and willing audience and base for the lie?”

“You’ve got Liz Cheney, you have Adam Kinzinger, a few other Republican members of congress who are realistic, who believe in truth, who believe in democracy,” Robinson continued. “But what about the rest of the Republican party? I mean, this is an astonishing and horrifying turn that our politics has taken. ”

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