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Stobox is an award-winning company that provides technology tools and consulting services to streamline all operations with digital assets and tokenized securities.



Launched in 2019, Stobox has spent two years on research and development and building a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services in the field of digital assets and tokenization (read more about Stobox here).

Stobox is glad to announce the launch of Stobox Exchange, a centralized exchange where investing is prioritized over trading, designed to be a place of digital assets research and profit.



The Stobox team developed Stobox Exchange as a part of an ecosystem of products intended for tokenizing and managing digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Stobox Exchange will provide full access to the world of selected cryptocurrencies and digital assets. 

Operations on Stobox Exchange are powered by Stobox Utility Token, which is used as a commission token for reduced fees and product preferences.

Stobox Exchange vision: increase the level of cryptocurrency adoption

Gene Deyev, Stobox CEO: “Even though the adoption of crypto is growing, the number of worldwide users is still comparatively small. Our focus is on new-to-crypto users, who seek long-term investments in digital assets rather than margin or futures trading”.

Thus, Stobox Exchange was designed to serve as a tool to get new users familiarized with the cryptoworld and investment mechanisms and assist them further, inviting them to be a part of the Stobox community. 

More about the team’s vision of Stobox Exchange here.

How is the Stobox Exchange different from anything you’ve seen?

The Stobox team moves away from margin or futures trading as well as competition with the existing exchanges. Instead, Stobox Exchange aims to take its niche and serve as a credible long-term gateway into the world of tokenized assets for novice users. 

Thus, aside from transparency and strong technical support, Stobox Exchange has a chain of distinguishing core features:

  • Simple UX/UI for new-to-cryptocurrency users
  • Clear KYC policy, no hidden commissions
  • Zero fee accounts for active users
  • Projects to invest in are hand-picked by the team to add only those that create technological impact and increase in value in the long-run
  • Stobox Exchange is optimized for long-term investing and cryptocurrency portfolio management
  • Focus on promising crypto projects at a low cap stage
  • Community incubation and support (more about pre-launch share drops here)
  • Advanced reward program to promote gamification, i.e., rewards for active users, priorities on pre-sales, etc.

Stobox team: “When implementing the tokenized securities trajectory, we felt the demand for our own structure to work with crypto assets, and Stobox Exchange is one of its essential parts. Technology is the centerpiece of our belief system, and we see the opportunities brought along by investing and crypto-assets. That is why our focus is to assist the new-to-crypto users to make their first steps in the crypto world — and make them successful ones. To make this happen, we choose the best projects for the Exchange: with a high technological value and impact, that we ourselves are ready to invest in”.  

Stay tuned for more: Stobox, a community-driven platform

Community is a cornerstone of development for Stobox. The team has prepared many more opportunities and updates. Join in to follow the news and become a part of the Stobox community on the: Stobox website, Stobox blog, or the Stobox Twitter.


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