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8 June 2021, Helsinki - Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announces that trading in Merus
Power Oyj shares (short name: MERUS) commence today on Nasdaq First North
Growth Market Finland. The company belongs to Industrials sector. Merus Power
is the 71st company to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq's Nordic markets* in
2021, and it represents the eighth listing on Nasdaq Helsinki in 2021. 

Merus Power is a technology company that enables a sustainable and
energy-efficient future. We design and manufacture innovative electrical
engineering solutions, such as energy storages, power quality solutions and
services for renewable energy and industrial needs. With our scalable
technology, we enable the growth of renewable energy in electric grids and
improve the energy efficiency of our society. We are a Finnish innovative
electrical engineering specialist and operate in global and fast-growing
markets. Our personnel represent internationally respected engineering
expertise. For more information: www.meruspower. 

 "We are very pleased and grateful for the interest, trust and enthusiasm that
private investors, institutions and our own personnel alike have shown in our
initial public offering. We are especially honored by our own employees'
participation in our employee issue. We strongly believe that the
transformation of the energy market will increase the role of renewable energy
sources and the quality of electricity in total energy production. With our
technological expertise, we are driving this global transformation toward
sustainable forms of energy and a more energy-efficient future, and based on
the feedback that we have received, investors also believe that we have an
important role to play in the transformation of the energy market. We are proud
of our know-how and our important work for increasing the profitability of
renewable energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and facilitating
integration into the electric grid. The IPO and the funds collected in the
share issue will support the realization of our growth strategy. I would like
to extend my warmest thanks to all our new investors for taking part in Merus
Power's growth story - let us work together to help societies and companies
achieve concrete climate goals!", says Kari Tuomala, managing director of Merus
Power Oyj. 

"We welcome Merus Power to Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland and
congratulate them on the successful completion of the IPO in which they got
circa 8,000 new shareholders," said Henrik Husman, President of Nasdaq
Helsinki. "Merus Power represents interesting innovative electrical engineering
expertise, and we look forward to a lasting partnership with the company and
its shareholders." 

Merus Power Oyj has appointed Alexander Corporate Finance Oy as its Certified

*Main markets and Nasdaq First North Growth Market at Nasdaq Copenhagen, Nasdaq
Helsinki, Nasdaq Iceland and Nasdaq Stockholm 

About Nasdaq First North Growth Market

Nasdaq First North Growth Market is a registered SME growth market, as defined
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have the legal status as an EU-regulated market. Companies at Nasdaq First
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legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market, such as the
Nasdaq Nordic Main Market. The risk in such an investment may be higher than on
the main market. 

The Premier segment within Nasdaq First North Growth Market is designed to
further assist companies in raising investor visibility and to prepare them for
a Main Market listing. The Premier segment targets companies that make a
conscious decision to comply with higher disclosure and accounting standards
than imposed under the Nasdaq First North Growth Market rules. 

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