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Decades ago, trading was the domain of the wealthy elite, but two innovators would change that. The first made investing accessible to the masses. The second made it fun. On the third installment of our “To The Moon” podcast series, we meet the disruptors who made the markets ready for the GameStop moment.


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About This Podcast Series

When GameStop’s stock took off in January, it caught a lot of people by surprise, especially institutional Wall Street investors. Why was a stock for a struggling video game retailer shooting up almost 2,000%?

The explanation at the time was that a group of people on a Reddit forum called WallStreetBets all started buying the stock at the same time.

But the forces that drove GameStop’s surge go much deeper than online chatter. The moment was driven by changing dynamics in investing, new trading technology (which one investor described as giving the keys of a Porsche to a teenager), resentment of Wall Street and even pandemic isolation.

Our five-part special podcast series, “To The Moon,” tells the full story of the GameStop saga, and invites listeners onto the roller-coaster ride that was GameStop—to feel what it was like for the individual investors who were suddenly making hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight, and to hear why they wanted to risk their life savings in the first place.

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