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Actor Jon Voight said he believes the 2020 election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump in large part thanks to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

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“I mean, there’s so much evidence that it was a stolen election,” Voight said during an appearance on The Truth with Lisa Boothe podcast. “I take this back to the moment when Soros realized that Trump had been elected by the American people, and he said, ‘This is a disaster.’ And he meant it.”

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Voight said Soros “threw down the gauntlet” after Trump’s 2016 victory, making it his mission to “never let this happen again” ahead of the 2020 election.

“And it was he and the Democrat leadership and all of the people on the Left who gathered together to stop this man and to make sure that this next election would not repeat itself,” Voight said, adding that Democrats “had a big problem” in trying to defeat Trump because of his accomplishments.


“They just weren’t gonna let it happen,” Voight continued. “So that you get all of these things about, you know, weakening all the ability for people to make a proper vote and be properly counted. And that’s what they did all across the country. And they used every method and encouraged every kind of bad behavior. And those blackouts, you know, those several-hour blackouts in the main states — unbelievable! And it turned the tide.”

Voight also sounded an ominous alarm about the future, saying that there is “an evil that is trying to overtake this country” in the form of “socialism” and “communism.”

“What concerns me the most is that we’ve lost our moorings, and we’re being overtaken by — really it’s an evil that is trying to overtake this country and all the greatness of this country,” Voight said. “Why is it that people are breaking down, you know, our borders to get to us? And why is it that the people who are most concerned about us are people … who have lived under this, this tyranny of socialism, communism, you know, across the world, people from Poland, people from Russia, people from Cuba?

“We’re turning into a Venezuela, and they see it,” he added. “They can see it clearly because it happened to them. They went through all of this horror and sadness and lost their countries. And they see the same thing happened to the United States.”

“And this was a place that they came to because they needed to get to a safe shore. They needed to get to freedom. They needed to get to opportunity. And now they see that this country, too, is falling under this evil influence,” he continued.

Voight, a longtime supporter of Trump, wouldn’t say for sure if he believes the former president should make a third bid for the White House.


“I think we have many great people. Actually, we should take heart that we have many great people in the Republican Party who have stepped up, who have gone through this, you know, standing tall. I can name, you know, dozens, and that’s good,” Voight said. “But I’m watching President Trump. He still has enormous influence. People love this man for what he has done and for the way he handles himself.”

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