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With India in the grip of COVID-19 2.0, not only is its onslaught taking a toll on our physical bodies, but also our mental well-being. Even those not directly affected by the pandemic are under constant stress owing to the potential threat from the virus. Not to forget, the uncertainty looming large on account of the slowing economy. How much can a mortal human take?!

Last month, my neighbour Rangitha’s family members tested positive for COVID-19. The stress got too much for her to handle and she had to be put on anxiety medication. That’s when her doctor suggested her to start with daily Vippassana meditation to calm her mind.

Yesterday, as we spoke over a call, she shared some of the benefits she had been experiencing ever since she started Vipassana meditation. She supposedly found the mental stability she had been seeking for years. As I mulled over our discussion later, I couldn’t help but think how a combination of Vipassana and quality investing can hold the key to achieving a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

What does quality investing entail?

Quality investing means looking for companies that are fundamentally strong on certain key parameters such as:

-An established track record

-A great portfolio of products/services

-Honest, credible and efficient management

-Market leader within the Industry

The focus is on gauging the overall financial health of a company before investing in it since it improves the chances of growing your wealth manifold while simultaneously minimizing any risk.

When looking at making a quality investment, the idea is to stay invested over a long period, through all the ups and downs that the market may experience. Investors have better chances of multiplying their fortune when investing by taking on lower risk via such quality stocks.

Building a worry free portfolio

People are constantly seek to multiply their wealth and inner happiness. Looking at it practically, you cannot really lead a life of contentment if either of these elements (wealth or inner happiness) are missing.

Given below are some similarities between Vipassana and quality investing that will also help you understand how practicing both simultaneously can prove beneficial for your health and wealth. This holistic sense of equilibrium is sure to help you lead a more contented life:

-Foster self-discipline

Discipline is a vital pillar for both Vipassana practice and wealth creation as it ensures you stick to your goals regardless of any hindrances you might face in the form of stock market volatility, sickness, body ache or plain laziness.

-Better clarity

Meditation has been proven to give better clarity, thus ensuring better decision-making. Similarly, a quality investment strategy will ensure you have all relevant information and, hence, complete clarity about the companies in your portfolio. A data-backed decision will also rid you of any day-to-day worries on account of any market fluctuations.

Improved focus & patience

Amongst the key benefits of Vipassana meditation are improved focus and patience.  While deep breathing is known to improve patience, the effort needed to visualize your breath compels you to focus on the present moment.

Similarly, once you identify the goal driving your investment strategy, you need to focus on finding 10-15 high quality stocks to add to your portfolio. Then comes the stage to be patient, since you need to give your portfolio time to grow and reap the desired rewards.

Better awareness

In Vipassana meditation, you become aware of every sensation arising within yourself without getting attached, excited or depressed. Similarly, in quality investing, while you must be aware of the market buzz, especially related to your portfolio companies, you need not react to every news unless it’s important.

Reduce stress, anxiety and fear

Vipassana meditation is about staying mindful of the present moment and not drifting into the past or future, thus helping ease any stress, anxiety or fear. In quality investing too, once you understand the underlying businesses thoroughly and focus on a few high-quality stocks you have invested in, it becomes easier to stay the course with your investment strategy, without stressing over the unnecessary ‘noise’ or daily happenings in the stock markets.

Compounding effect

When practised with full commitment, meditation compounds your happiness while investing compounds your wealth.


In the midst of the COVID-19 frenzy, securing health and wealth are two of peoples’ biggest worries, and we hope this article has got you thinking and set you on the right path to easing your woes in these testing times.

However, whether it is meditation or wealth creation, remember that the key to sustainable growth on both fronts lies in long-term commitment, and there are no shortcuts to get there.