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President Joe Biden’s job approval rating as he approaches the 100-day mark is remarkably better than former President Donald Trump’s but otherwise ranks below every commander in chief dating back to Harry Truman.

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Biden’s average job approval rating on Day 92 stood at 53%, with 40% disapproving, putting the president 13 points above water, according to a helpful chart compiled by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. That is a whole 23 points better than Trump, whose job rating on the same day of his single-term presidency was 42% approve, 52% disapprove.

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But Trump comparisons aside, Biden’s numbers are less flattering, historically, when matched against the 12 presidents that preceded both of them. “What this table seems to illustrate is the hardening partisanship of the American electorate,” wrote Center for Politics analyst Kyle Kondik.

In that table, even George W. Bush, winner of a disputed election hinging on one state, enjoyed higher marks than Biden approaching his first 100 days in office. On Day 92, Bush’s ratings were 56% approve, 28% disapprove — a net positive 28 points. That would turn out to be on par with Barack Obama eight years later. The Obama registered 60% approval, 33% disapproval, for a net positive 27 points at the same juncture.


“Probably the fairest evaluation of Biden’s approval ratings so far is that he is off to a decent start, considering the strong partisanship of this era. But he may also still be experiencing something of a honeymoon, as is common with new presidents,” Kondik said.

Biden is beset by several challenges domestically and overseas that threaten to erode his public image and erase Democratic majorities in the 2022 midterm elections. Following is a look at where the most recent 14 presidents stood with voters on Day 92 of their administrations:

  • Harry Truman: 87% approve; 3% disapprove; net positive 84 points
  • Dwight Eisenhower: 73% approve; 8% disapprove; net positive 65 points
  • John Kennedy: 78% approve; 6% disapprove; net positive 72 points
  • Richard Nixon: 60% approve; 12% disapprove; net positive 48 points
  • Gerald Ford: 51% approve; 31% disapprove; net positive 20 points
  • Jimmy Carter: 63% approve; 18% disapprove; net positive 45 points
  • Ronald Reagan: 68% approve; 18% disapprove; net positive 50 points
  • George H. W. Bush: 58% approve; 16% disapprove; net positive 42 points
  • Bill Clinton: 53% approve; 34% disapprove; net positive 19 points
  • George W. Bush: 56% approve; 28% disapprove; net positive 28 points
  • Barack Obama: 60% approve; 33% disapprove; net positive 33 points
  • Donald Trump: 42% approve; 52% disapprove; net negative 10 points
  • Joe Biden: 53% approve; 40% disapprove; net positive 13 points

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