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Chris Christie is pinning the blame for the Republican party’s defeat in the 2020 election squarely on former President Donald Trump.

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According to RealClearPolitics, the former New Jersey governor performed something of a 2020 election autopsy on Wednesday, while charting the course forward for the Republican party in a closed-door address to the Republican Study Committee — a group comprised entirely of current GOP House members. And in his remarks, Christie attributed the party’s two losses in the Georgia Senate runoff elections to Trump’s focus on what he falsely deemed to be a “rigged” presidential vote in the state.

“[F]rankly, if my friend had gone down there and talked about Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, and not about Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, we would be in the majority in the Senate right now,” Christie said — in a clear reference to Trump without mentioning him by name.

The former New Jersey governor added, “We lost because we were looking in the rearview mirror at what happened on general election day, not what was going to happen on runoff election day. We were telling them it was rigged, and so they said, ‘Hell, why should I go to a rigged election? My vote’s not gonna matter anyway.’”

Christie then went a step further — putting Trump on the hook not only for the GOP’s loss of control in the senate, but also for its defeat in the presidential race.

“We didn’t lose the White House because the American people disagree with our ideas and support what [Democrats] are trying to do right now,” Christie said, per the RealClearPolitics report. “We know why we lost. We know why we lost, and so does President Trump.”

And in case it wasn’t clear to those present, the former New Jersey governor spelled it out fully.

“I told the president 131 days out, if you don’t knock off some of this crazy stuff, your behavior is going to obscure your accomplishments,” Christie said. “And if this becomes an election for student council president, we don’t win because [President Joe Biden] doesn’t offend anybody as a category.”

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