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On behalf of SECAP / ME, the meeting was attended by Waldir Marques Jr. (Undersecretary), Altair Medanha (General Coordinator), Itamar Pereira (Technician) and Ricardo Müller (Technician). The representatives of Nasdaq were Tony Sio (Head of Marketplace Regulatory Technology), Andrew Phillips (Head of Business Development – Sports and Gaming) and Carlos Patino (Associate VP, Market Technology). Also present at the meeting was Rodrigo Caldas de Carvalho Borges (Lawyer specializing in digital business and partner at CB Associados).

The Nasdaq Market Surveillance (NMS) tool is used today by 17 global financial regulators, 47 stock exchanges around the world and more than 160 brokers. Due to its flexibility, NSM is perfectly adapted to work in other markets such as logistics, real estate, digital assets and also in gambling (sports betting).

At the meeting, Nasdaq representatives specifically detailed 5 key areas of the betting market that their tool covers and that can greatly help after the regulation in which the Brazilian government works:

  1. Sports integrity
  2. Money Laundering Detection
  3. Responsible Gaming
  4. Market metrics based on historical data
  5. Determination of taxes to be collected per event

In short, NMS is a complete monitoring, supervision and control solution that can detect suspicious behavior / movements, using information and data from operators belonging to regulated markets.

For Nasdaq, this tool can benefit the Ministry of Economy, central policy, the Ministry of Health, and the regulator, among others, since its results positively affect all these areas of the country.

Source: Exclusive GMB