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Let’s start simple: Who is Mrs. Dow Jones?

Hayley Sacks, who runs Mrs. Dow Jones, joined TheStreet to talk about how she helps her audience understand investing and financial literacy. 

On her website, it states, “Mrs. Dow Jones was started in 2017 by Haley Sacks. She wanted to learn about investing but was bored by the overly-serious content available. So, she took matters into her own hands and decided to make finance cool for the masses. Through memes, videos, merchandise, events & book club, Mrs. Dow Jones disrupts Wall Street by making keeping up with the Dow Joneses as fun as Keeping Up With The Kardashians!”

In this episode of Coffee With Katherine, Sacks and her new puppy–Mystery–join TheStreet’s Katherine Ross to talk GameStop  (GME) – Get Report, financial literacy, how to invest and why memes are a great way to learn about Wall Street.

And, yes, Mrs. Dow Jones says that investing FOMO is definitely a thing and that might explain why we’re all still watching GameStop so closely.

In fact, “just like with celebrity gossip, you can’t believe everything that you read,” she warned. “And you can’t act on every urge that these articles and these headlines and these tweets make you feel because it doesn’t make sense within a comprehensive financial plan.”

Watch the full episode to see what else Mrs. Dow Jones has to say.