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Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius, Nasdaq Baltic Market, March 24, 2021 - Nasdaq (NDAQ)
announces that the shares of the Estonian Japan Trading Company (trading
ticker: EJTC) were admitted to trading on the Nasdaq Baltic First North market
by Nasdaq Tallinn as of today, March 24.
Estonian Japan Trading Company (EJTC) is a company with a mission to create
different investment lines between the Baltic region and Japan. EJTC will take
a wide approach to the investment opportunities in Estonia and the Baltics,
ranging from technology start-ups to small businesses producing handicraft
products of local origin. 

EJTC is not immediately raising capital by issuing new shares. By listing the
company on First North, EJTC aims to increase the reliability, transparency and
reputation of the company towards its partners and potential investors. Being
listed on First North also gives the EJTC's shareholders and management an
excellent opportunity to get used to operating as a public company. 

"We are very happy to have our shares listed on the Nasdaq Baltic First North
market. Our Japanese partner company MBK Co., Ltd is listed on the Tokyo Stock
Exchange and being a publicly listed company is an immense sign of quality in
Japan," said Cätlyn Toomere, a Member of the Management Board of the EJTC.
"From Japan, Estonia is seen as a small, forward-looking and nature friendly
e-country. This reputation is the main reason why MBK has set a goal to invest
in Estonian companies and cooperate with them." 

One of the ultimate shareholders of the EJTC is a Japanese limited liability
company MBK Co., Ltd. MBK Co., Ltd. was founded already in March 1947. In June
1949, the company was listed on Fukuoka Stock Exchange. Currently, MBK Co.,
Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section. 

Law Firm NJORD LAW acts as the certified adviser for the Estonian Japan Trading
Company on First North market. 

 Nasdaq First North market is tailored to support smaller, growing companies
that want to raise capital and get the visibility and credibility of being a
public company. For investors, First North offers an opportunity to invest in
companies that are at an interesting stage of their growth. First North is an
alternative market and is often seen as a first step towards trading on the
main market. 

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