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Your weekly outlook

This past week featured more tug-of-war in the stock and bond markets between fears of runaway inflation and confidence in the economic recovery. The highlight of the week was Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference as part of the central bank’s rate decision, which seemingly soothed investor nerves and caused stocks to surge into the close.

Then the next day everyone seemed to get cold feet. The 10-year Treasury yield spiked yet again to a more than one-year high, signaling renewed inflation fears. That helped take a 3% bite out of the tech-heavy Nasdaq on Thursday. Now heading into next week the market once again finds itself seemingly rudderless and vulnerable to inflationary mood swings.

The input to watch this week will once again be the 10-year yield, which has become the foremost indicator of inflation fears. It’s the highest since January 2020 right now. If investors continue to question Powell’s insistence on maintaining stimulative asset purchases, it could spike even more. Then stocks – namely tech – could tank further. Stay tuned.

The rise of sports betting and NFTs like NBA Top Shot have fueled a trading boom in sports cards. Collectable is a trading platform that allows fans to buy fractional shares of valuable cards. CEO Ezra Levine breaks down how digital collectibles could boost returns and hedge inflation.

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NFTs like NBA Top Shot are fueling a trading boom in million-dollar sports cards. The CEO of a fractional sports investing platform breaks down why digital collectibles are the ‘perfect intersection of passion and profits.’

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Norwegian tycoon Kjell Inge Rokke recently joined a growing list of billionaires to embrace bitcoin. In a recent 23-page shareholder letter, Rokke lays out his three-fold bitcoin investing strategy. He specifically details why he sees bitcoin as a solution instead of a problem for its perceived challenges.

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A Norwegian billionaire who just set up a $59 million unit to invest in the bitcoin ecosystem breaks down his 3-fold strategy – and shares why he believes the digital currency is actually a solution to many of its perceived challenges

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Tucker Walsh and Rayna Lesser Hannaway manage the Polen US Small Company Growth fund, which has returned 104% to investors over the past year. They unpack the “flywheel criteria” they use to identify so-called compounders, and also share three long-term small-cap stock picks set to surge as part of the reopening trade.

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The portfolio managers of a small-cap growth fund that returned 104% to investors in the past year share 3 stocks that are set to surge as part of the reopening trade – and lay out how they identify long-term compounders

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