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True change starts with investing in yourself

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Self-empowerment is the philosophy that Col Diana Zschaschel, Commander of the 185 Dental Company uses to lead her unit to greatness daily.

Zschaschel joined the army on July 17, 2001. She was inspired to join the military due to several events. First, her parent were immigrants to the United States, and they instilled in her their gratitude to America for being a place of opportunity. Second, she had a significant amount of student loan debt that needed to be addressed. Third, she went through a challenging divorce that left her with a need for a fresh start.

As a new Captain, and civilian private practice owner in Beverly Hills, Calif. The army reserves provided many opportunities to foster stability, courage, discipline, and leadership that she always knew she possessed but did not have the platform to fully explore.

The stability allowed her to deal with the loss of her mother and grandmother early in her career. It also provided her the strength to work hard and elevate in ranks to challenge things that she felt needed improvement in the military.

“You are not allowed to complain about things that you are not willing to change,” said Zschaschel.

Zschaschel has taken on high-profile roles. She was Battalion Commander 7452, 2016-2018 and Dental Advisor of the Second Division level AR MED COM, 2018-2019. In 2019, the Battalion Commander of the 396 CSH invited her to take command of her old unit the 185 Dental Company.

According to Zschaschel “ The transition from civilian to military life afforded me the opportunity to blossom as a person, doctor, soldier, leader, and mother “.

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