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The La Crosse County Republican Party re-elected longtime chairman Bill Feehan to another term at its annual caucus, where the group also called on state leaders to investigate what it calls election irregularities.

Feehan was unanimously elected to another two-year term at the group’s annual caucus over the weekend, a position he has held since 2011 among other leading GOP positions in the area.

Members also approved a resolution at the caucus, urging Wisconsin lawmakers to investigate the November 2020 election, an issue Feehan has been vocal about in recent months.


“What happened in November can’t be changed, but we can determine what went wrong and fix it for future elections,” Feehan said in a statement.

The resolution approved by the group makes a number of claims about alleged irregularities in the 2020 election cycle.

Judges of different political backgrounds have thrown out numerous claims, lawsuits and attempts to overturn results in recent months — including one brought by Feehan — and many claims similar to those made in the resolution have been debunked by independent fact checkers.

“The 2020 Wisconsin election, as regulated and directed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, has been one of the most haphazard, controversial and poorly managed elections in state history, shaking the faith of citizens across Wisconsin in the very cornerstone of our democracy,” the resolution states.

The resolution specifically calls on the state Legislature to hold hearings on the election and pass a set of laws against ballot harvesting, and urges that the WEC be “re-located” outside of Dane or Milwaukee counties.

Feehan has been vocal about these claims since the election, including while appearing on MSNBC, and on a podcast he launched with a local radio group, among other media appearances.

The county GOP also set eyes on upcoming races during its annual meeting, including for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, for which the group endorsed candidate Deb Kerr.

“Now we look ahead to electing a Republican governor and the important congressional midterms in 2022,” Feehan said.

Feehan formerly served on the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors and was elected as vice chair of the 3rd Congressional District GOP in 2018. He also made bids for state Senate and mayor of La Crosse in 2012 and 2013, respectively.