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WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court rejected pleas from President Trump and his allies to expedite their pending challenges to November’s election, all but assuring the justices won’t consider the appeals before Joe Biden assumes the presidency Jan. 20.

In unsigned orders issued Monday, the court without comment denied requests to expedite more than half a dozen cases seeking to overturn Mr. Biden’s victories in states including Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. By leaving them on the regular calendar, the Trump appeals won’t be scheduled for consideration until late January at earliest.

The justices are under no obligation to hear the cases, and few legal observers expect that they will.

The court’s action comes after a pro-Trump mob invaded the U.S. Capitol  Wednesday in a failed effort to thwart confirmation of Mr. Biden’s victory. After authorities reclaimed the Capitol, Congress reassembled to reject challenges to Biden victories in Arizona and Pennsylvania and then certified the Electoral College vote, 306 for Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump’s 232.

State and federal courts rejected more than 50 suits challenging Mr. Biden’s victories on various grounds. Those included procedural flaws, such as waiting too long before challenging election rules set months or more earlier, and substantive grounds, namely the failure to produce material evidence of fraud or misconduct after millions voted.