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Pro-Trump demonstrations begin one day ahead of Wednesday’s rally

By Marissa J. Lang, Emily Davies, Peter Hermann, Jessica Contrera and Clarence Williams

For nearly eight hours Tuesday, speakers repeated election conspiracy theories, closed their eyes to pray and shared discount codes for MyPillow, a company owned by a Trump ally.

Shortly before 8 p.m., they danced to a part-country, part-rap song, “Roger Stone did nothing wrong.” Stone, who was pardoned by Trump for lying to Congress and obstructing justice, appeared onstage in a pinstripe suit and feathered fedora, swinging his hips to the tune.

“I have two words to say,” Stone began. “Thank you, Jesus.”

He then launched into a speech comparing the investigation into his wrongdoing to centuries of abuses and terror inflicted on Black people. He claimed he was the subject of a “legal lynching.” He said Trump “freed this slave” referring to himself.