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It is not only the Indian markets but global markets like FTSE in Europe too closed strongly and Dow Jones also recovered the next day after falling, said Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi. When President Joe Biden was competing against Trump, no one would have ever thought that the former would win the elections. Market participants thought President-elect Joe Biden would withdraw the tax benefits, that he is not business friendly, will favor China and many other assumptions were being made. In short, market participants thought that the markets would fall sharply if President Joe Biden is elected as President of the USA.

Since then, flow of liquidity has been immensely strong and this is the key reason because of which market is not only holding strong but moving up sharply. Markets have moved up sharply despite of all the fears that so called analysts predicted or thought about. Liquidity flow is so strong that the market is not even remaining weak for even half a day. Markets is witnessing strong buying flows after 2.30 pm from some FIIs, these was witnessed in yesterday’s session as well.  

Three key factors to monitor:

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Unless markets see changes in the following 3 factors:

Buying after 2.30 pm, Strong FII buy figures and minor corrections of one and half day. The markets will continue to remain strong.  Market participants should enjoy the current strength in the market rather than fearing the fall in the market. Market participants should keep their stop loss intact to protect them for heavy losses. It is important to understand that each and every individual should follow their own trading style.