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SAGINAW, MI – A group of dedicated supporters of President Donald Trump in mid-Michigan are preparing to hit the road Tuesday for an overnight bus trip to Washington, D.C.

Instead of going sight-seeing, though, the group plans to join Trump supporters from around the country for a public rally as Congress convenes Wednesday, Jan. 6, to confirm the Electoral College vote in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

A chartered bus of 43 supporters is leaving the Saginaw County community of Bridgeport late Tuesday for the “March for Trump” rally, which has been supported by the President on Twitter.

Trip organizer Suzanne Hall of Birch Run Township said the purpose of the trip is to “stand for integrity” while being visible to legislators.

“Since they’re not moving, since they’re so silent, we feel we must arouse them and we really want to get them to understand that we the people want integrity back to our elections,” Hall said. “We can write them, we can call them, but I think a mass group of citizens might speak more because they can’t hide us.”

Hall is a part of the Mid-Michigan Republicans, under the umbrella of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, but she also calls herself a grassroots leader.

She said that she’s seen widespread support and interest in the trip and that those taking the bus trip come from all over Michigan.

“They are very passionate and they’re willing to take off time from work, travel considerable hours just to meet the bus,” she said. “They’re just looking at everyway they can get to D.C.”

Hall was inspired to organize the bus ride well before hearing Trump’s call on Twitter for supporters to come to D.C. on Wednesday. She previously led a bus of supporters to D.C. in December for another rally and said she knew she’d be back again.

“There was just something pushing me and the others to do this. It’s just kind of interesting that it’s such a powerful move,” she said.

She said the trip is based on faith as well.

“I do sense that it’s God led, I think the Lord inspired us to do this and that’s what I’m getting and hearing from everyone that I speak with,” she said.

“I will say overwhelmingly these are people that are calling on the Lord in their Christian faith to lead the way and to work – we realize that this is a monumental project, we can’t do it on our own. It’s just too big for us so we are calling on the Lord to intercede and do for us what we can’t do, but we will be there as part of this effort. We aren’t going alone, we are going with God.”

The bus is currently full with no spaces available, said Hall. But she is encouraging those who can’t make it down to D.C. to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

“I fully believe that this is going to make a difference. After that, what direction will it take – our Constitution provides us ways of dealing with difficulties like this, we will follow the Constitution and everyone should be alert and in prayer over it, that would be wonderful to have prayer warriors behind us.”

Trump has continued to claim the presidential election was “stolen” from him. Courts have rejected legal challenges to the election and state election officials have upheld results that show Biden as the overall winner.

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