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Presidential son Eric Trump issued a threat on Tuesday night to House and Senate Republicans who refuse to join his father’s last-ditch effort to overthrow President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive victory: Either jump aboard the Trump train or find another job.

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On a night where Republicans found themselves perilously close to losing their Senate majority as Democrats were in a favorable position to sweep the Georgia runoff races, the president’s No. 2 son instead focused his attention on Wednesday’s futile effort to block Congress’ certification of the Electoral College vote.

With 140 House Republicans and at least 12 GOP senators expected to challenge the results when Congress meets to count the Electoral College votes, tens of thousands of MAGA have poured into Washington, D.C., to protest the election results. President Donald Trump himself has said he will appear at a “Stop the Steal” rally on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow’s gonna tell you a lot about the country,” Eric Trump told pro-Trump Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Because I can tell you, Sean, any senator or any congressman that does not—meaning on this side—that does not fight tomorrow, their political career is over. Because the MAGA movement is going nowhere!”

Adding that his dad “created the greatest movement in American history,” the younger Trump spelled out his threat specifically to the Republican members of Congress who refuse to join the president’s attempt to subvert the will of the American people.

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“They will get primaried next time around. And they will lose if they don’t stand up and show some backbone, and show some conviction,” he said.

The president’s kid later took to Twitter to double down on his promise to campaign against Republicans who won’t object to Biden’s election victory.

While Eric Trump railed against conservative lawmakers for not backing his daddy’s coup attempt, a number of right-wing pundits and MAGA supporters blasted the president on Tuesday night for likely sinking Republicans’ chances in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

With both Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff poised to pull off victories and swing the Senate majority in Democrats’ favor, many conservatives placed the blame on Trump for spreading crazed conspiracy theories about widespread election fraud while refusing to accept he lost. Besides pushing baseless claims that the election was “stolen” from him, he also spent weeks attacking Georgia election officials and even tried to pressure the Georgia secretary of state to “find” votes to flip his defeat in the state.

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