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Signatories to the letter included leaders of Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Warby Parker, JetBlue, Condé Nast, Con Edison, Lyft and dozens of others.

Though election officials across the country have certified Biden as the 2020 victor, Trump and his allies have continued to push conspiracy theories and procedural challenges to claim another term in the White House. Trump shocked officials in both Atlanta and Washington on Saturday when he pushed Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to turn back the election results there. The Washington Post released a recording of that conversation, which has led to talk of a criminal investigation.

Trump’s electoral challenge has also caused a schism within his own party in Congress, with Republican senators consumed by infighting over whether to challenge the Electoral College results. At least 12 senators and 140 House members announced they would challenge Biden’s victory in some form.

Congress will meet to count the Electoral College votes on Wednesday.

The disputes are occurring while the country faces its biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. The three statements on Monday urged Congress to stop delaying and to focus instead on protecting Americans and businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Throughout this pandemic, America’s manufacturing workers have heroically stepped up to ensure that our country has the supplies, food, vaccines, medicines and equipment we need,” the National Association of Manufacturers letter said. “Our industry has been fighting to protect our country, and now we ask Congress to join us in healing our nation, instead of fostering more division and vitriol.”

“We urge Congress to fulfill its responsibility in counting the electoral votes, the Trump administration to facilitate an orderly transition for the incoming Biden administration, and all of our elected officials to devote their energies to combatting the pandemic and supporting our economic recovery,” said the statement by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.